Strategic Consulting

AEP - Associação Empresarial de Portugal

AEP Rebranding


We were challenged by the Business Association of Portugal (AEP) to strategically analyse the AEP brand, in terms of positioning and communication, starting with its identity, brand communication supports and its projects. The intention was to rebrand AEP, where a rationale and creative proposals are presented that implement the recommended evolution. We were asked for a strategic vision of the AEP Brand and its various projects, in order to work on building the Brand in a more consistent manner.


The strategic approach proposed by No More and approved by the client aimed to create graphic guidelines that allow each AEP project to be perceived as part of the umbrella brand, instead of a “loose piece”. These guidelines limit the space where the creativity of each project can be done, functioning almost as an “AEP frame” that provides harmony between all projects. These projects will be understood by the public as sub-brands of the umbrella AEP brand.