Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos



To present Matosinhos as a fashion and beach city. Matosinhos Municipal Council hosts the Moda Mar event, which consists of a swimwear fashion show, musical interventions and entertainment occupying the emblematic spaces of the city. We have been responsible for organising the event since 2018, with image creation, communication and coordination supports.


As it is an event open to the public, held in open areas in the city and aimed, above all, at the local inhabitants, we favour the elements of surprise and fun. To achieve this, we built “catwalks” in public places, where the collections of several national designers, established or in ascension, were shown, interspersed with musical performances. No More was responsible for the entertainment at Quarteirão Real Vitivinícola and Praça Guilherme Pinto. Black Mamba, Fingertips, or names like Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Joana Duarte, Raquel Sampaio, Vanessa Martins and Afonso Vilela, were some of the attractions on the Moda Mar catwalks.