AEP - Associação Empresarial de Portugal

Portugal Premium Brasil


Raise the value of Portugal in the Brazilian market and, in partnership with TAP, create a “Made in Portugal” experience, with emphasis on the Agro-food, Wine and Gastronomy sectors, as well as Textiles / Clothing.


Conception, planning and production of a set of actions carried out in São Paulo. An initiative that included two dinners prepared by Portuguese chefs (Vitor Sobral, Rui Paula and Henrique Sá Pessoa) and Brazilian chefs (Titto di Assis, Dorival Ribas, Arnor Porto) at two restaurants in São Paulo (Taberna da Esquina and Loup). The result was a menu of a fusion of cultures with a contemporary and sophisticated image. A product show was also held at the Consulate General of São Paulo, with Portuguese companies exhibiting products in the areas of gastronomy and wines, and a space where projects of the textile sector from national designers were also exhibited. Portuguese products and chefs were on stage in a set of Livecooking with the chefs Vitor Sobral, Rui Paula and Henrique Sá Pessoa. Wine tasting, pairings and fashion shows with interactive dynamics were also held in the same space, which provided an in-depth projection of experiences for the approximately 200 guests per day, including professionals of the gastronomy sector, businessmen, guests of the Portuguese Consulate, Exponor, the Chamber of Commerce of Portugal, Fecomercio, AEP and the press.