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AEP – Associação Empresarial de Portugal

Digital Awards


The 2019 Digital Awards was a competition of Associação Empresarial de Portugal created to reward the exporting capacity, digitally, of Portuguese SMEs. The Agency was responsible for coordinating the project in full (see multitask projects). We highlighted here the challenge of creating videos, in order to raise awareness of the project and with the objective of attracting new SME registrations.


No More focused on the creation of a short video, based on the construction of an animated universe of various graphic elements that refer us to the digital universe - the theme of the project. In addition to these elements, the music marks the energetic, young, enterprising, assertive and, above all, digital spirit. It makes us want to act, that is, it works as a call to action. The final product, widely publicised on the social networks of the 2019 Digital Awards by AEP, generated a return that was noted through the increase in the number of registered entities.