Founded in 1939, Ambar is a brand that is part of the Portuguese school and office supplies universe. Currently organized in 4 business areas - school, office, home and ambarscience, Ambar celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2019. It organised the “Ideias no Papel” conference to mark this anniversary, an initiative that aimed to understand the state of the paper and draw out the future of the sector, namely regarding the implementation of more sustainable trends. The challenge involved the work of publicising this conference and its follow-up in terms of Press Consultancy, with the aim of promoting Ambar's anniversary, increasing its visibility and showing that the brand's values have evolved alongside its products.


We outlined a strategy, bearing in mind Ambar's objectives, that integrated the work of publicising the conference, monitoring and respective follow-up. In addition to the preparation of press releases and the sending of invitations to the media to accompany the conference on site, work was also carried out that included the dissemination of the conclusions from the conference, as well as the reinforcement of communication by Ambar, its 80 years of its history and future projects.