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“Banksy’s, Dismaland and Others” Exhibition Photographs by Barry Cawston

Photographs by Barry Cawston


We are the representatives of the “Banksy’s, Dismaland and Others” Exhibition Photographs by Barry Cawston in Portugal, responsible for all the logistics, maintenance and coordination necessary during the 8 months on display (Jan. to Aug. 2019), at Alfândega do Porto.


This was the first exhibition in Portugal dedicated to the best-known urban art artist today, Banksy. The exhibition is by photographer Barry Cawston, a renowned English photographer, already considered by many to be Banksy's official photographer. The exhibition takes us on a journey through the phenomenal work of how he has been using his art for more than 25 years, completely anonymously, to question the values of society. The show featured 44 large-size photographs (240 x 188) of the Dismaland project, developed by Banksy in 2015, in a clear satire of the Disney parks. In addition to these photos, the exhibition will also include other identifying works by the artist such as the “Walled Off Hotel”, of 2017, or “Flower Thrower” of 2005, some of his most recognised works. "Banksy does New York" (2014) and "Saving Banksy" (2017) are two of the documentaries that will also be available to see during the exhibition and that will highlight the artist's works, controversies and his genius. Joining this exhibition were a series of works by young Portuguese artists, also serving as a launching pad for new names in the universe of urban art.