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IVDP – Instituto de vinhos do Douro e Porto, I.P

Port Wine day®


The IVDP, I.P. Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e do Porto gave us the challenge of developing the image and events project for the Port Wine day® brand. The briefing emphasized the challenge and the importance of maintaining the projection of the quality, history and positioning of port, but adding modernity, dynamism and increasing consumption among new, younger audiences.The objective of the project is to extend it to a set of events designed for each of the identified targets.A large-scale meeting of specialists, journalists, producers, companies and port lovers.


Highlighting the roots of port production, we integrated the image of the Douro terraces in the logo, but modernised, fresh and more targeted. The materials developed added more dynamism and design to the communication, with creativity focused on the public. As for the design of the events, 5 events were created directed at the target, all with a focus on the initial objective. The Infect the City event brought Port Wine day® to everyone! We challenged bars, restaurants and wine retailers to join us in this celebration of port. Wine Dinners - Port companies, in partnership with restaurants, promoted dinners with a special menu, inspired and paired with port. At the Table with Port - In Porto and Douro, a Gastronomy route with several restaurants where it was possible to try a special dish served with port. Port Wine night - A day when the Port Wine party was extended to a circuit of bars in downtown Porto where a special port cocktail was served.Port Wine day® Sunset Party - A port party, with music, entertainment and several surprises revolving around port. An event open to the public with the presence of several port producers and tastings for the general public. Strategic partnerships were developed such as the presentation of a pairing of Neapolitan Pizza with Port. Under the name "Pizza Napoletana joins Port Wine day", Antonio Mezzero, the Neapolitan pizza chef, was at Jardim das Oliveiras with three pizzas that Bento Amaral, Director of Certification Services of IVDP, paired to obtain the following combinations: Pizza Passione with Tawny Reserve Port, Pizza Qualità with LBV Port, Pizza Arte with White Port. A street art action was included with live and real-time interventions by Daniel Eime and Gustavo Mesk.Over the course of several editions we have managed to develop various events with modernity and dynamism, while maintaining the projection of quality, history and positioning of port, effectively extending consumption to new and younger audiences.