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Law Academy

Labour 2030


LAW ACADEMY is a professionally oriented association that promotes multidisciplinary knowledge in various areas of law by promoting the meeting of academic and scientific research with business needs and innovations. Created by the company Cerejeira Namora, Marinho Falcão, it is responsible for organising the largest international congress on labour law: LABOUR 2030.In order to increase national and international participation in the 2019 Congress, as well as garner recognition and raise visibility for the work carried out by Law Academy, a strategy was developed for communication in the existing digital media - Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn and Twitter.


We created a uniform and coherent digital communication with different communication tones for each of the social networks where they were present.The communication has an appealing and dynamic design, with an easily identifiable set of colours, but different enough for each platform. In order to get the information to the congress target, a Paid Media plan was created, focusing on social networks. An e-mail marketing strategy was also used in this job, sending newsletters with relevant information about the Congress.