AEP - Associação Empresarial de Portugal

Novo Rumo a Norte – Rumo ao Crescimento


Novo Rumo a Norte is a project for companies and entrepreneurs in the North of Portugal. The first phase of the project took place between 2015 and 2018. In 2020, the second phase started, with new objectives and a restyling of the logo and the creation of a new communication strategy was necessary.


We proposed a slight change in the logo, joining the hexagon parts of the initial logo and creating a gradient in the pre-defined colours for the project. A series of standards for application to the images was also proposed, such as using a filter with the same colour gradient as the logo, using the cut-out of northern Portugal and transforming the images into hexagons, taking into account the needs of each use. No More is responsible for the production of communication content – static, digital and audio-visual, to be used at all phases in the project.