As part of the Wine in Moderation program - a joint initiative of the European wine sector, which aims to appeal to moderate wine consumption – No More was challenged by OPAL to create a multi-media campaign for AEVP - Association of Port Wine Companies. The campaign should be addressed to a younger audience, based on the guidelines of the European programme, with the message CHOICE | SHARE | CARE, and it should also be consistent with the campaign previously carried out by AEVP.


We maintained the imagery universe of the Pop Art language from the previous campaign, with which young people have a lot of affinity, and starting from the iconography proposed by the European programme Wine in Moderation, we created a set of three icons which symbolize the three messages to be conveyed. We then replicate the image in a chromatic grid similar to that of the various types of Port, creating the idea of repetition of message. The digital campaign was on the air during June and August 2020 and, in parallel, the media plane was complemented by TV spots and billboards throughout the cities of Portugal.