Portugal Sou Eu

"What is it that unites us?" Campaign


The multi-media campaign was carried out during lockdown, this being the first major challenge. Its briefing was to raise the awareness of the Portuguese to the conscious purchase, that is, the purchase of products certified with the Portugal Sou Eu seal, the sense of urgency of becoming aware of this need and for the involvement of all, as it is the sum of all conscious purchases that will help Portugal, will help the Portuguese.


"What is it that unites us?” is the concept question we created for the Portugal Sou Eu campaign. The goal was to involve the Portuguese in this sense of belonging and urgency, encouraging the conscious purchase of Portuguese products. After the phase of creating a strong, emotional concept that is transversal to the target, No More Agency's greatest challenge was in the production. We had to overcome the difficulty of integrating brand ambassadors into the campaign with films, without filming and photographs, without photographing them, as we are all living a period of lockdown. The agency proposed the involvement of the Portugal Sou Eu brand ambassadors and there were 16 public figures as protagonists, six films, eight press advertisements and two radio advertisements and various materials for digital campaigns and social networks..